Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia

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Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia. PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia (CCAI) adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang produksi distribusi produk-produk Coca Cola di Indonesia. PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia memiliki kontribusi besar terhadap keberhasilan penjualan produk Coca-Cola hal ini karena CCAI berperan terhadap proses pemasaran semua produk yang dihasilkan oleh perusahaan. Saat ini Coca-Cola telah memiliki produk-produk terkemuka di Indonesia diantaranya Sprite, Fanta, Frestea, Ades, A&W serta Minute Maid Pulpy. Keberhasilan penjualan dan pemasaran produk Coca-Cola sangat bergantung pada PT CCAI hal ini karena perusahaan ini termasuk salah satu perusahaan yang langsung berhubungan dengan calon konsumen dari berbagai latar belakang yang berbeda atau sama dengan perusahaan hilir. PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia sangat peduli terhadap lingkungan, limbah pabrik dari perusahaan tidak dibuang sembarangan melainkan diolah kembali menjadi bahan yang tidak berbahaya serta tidak mencemari lingkungan, disini perseroan bekerja sebaik mungkin guna menciptakan kondisi lingkungan yang sehat, bersih, nyaman serta sesuai dengan kaidah yang telah ditetapkan oleh induk usahanya yaitu The Coca-Cola Company dan undang-undang tentang lingkungan.

Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia
Lowongan Kerja Terbaru PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia

Saat ini dalam rangka pengembangan Bisnis Baru PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia Membuka Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Untuk Posisi Sebagai :

  1. Regional corporate affairs manager
  2. Solution delivery manager
  3. Sales representative

Regional Corporate Affairs Manager – East Java Region
(Based in Surabaya)

Job Purpose

Regional Corporate Affairs Manager is a key full-time role focused on CCAI’s government, regulatory and stakeholder affairs in the regional area. The role will focus on developing and driving CCAI’s Corporate Affairs strategy by proactively building and engaging in sustainable relationships with provincial and sub-provincial governments, regulatory bodies, public sector agencies, media and other key stakeholders, with a view to ensuring business sustainability and promoting corporate reputation.

 The purposes of this position include: (a) driving the continuous enhancement of CA function, toolkit, and staffs; (b) prominently positioning CCAI with regulatory and policy decision-makers, media, industry associations in the region; (c) working to minimize the impact on CCAI business, and the expansion of the CCAI industry in general, of existing and proposed public and regulatory policies; and, (d) assisting in identifying partnerships with government institutions, communities and interest groups, and ensuring CCAI is well positioned to take advantage of potential partnerships that promote CCAI business sustainability and protect corporate reputation.

 Job Responsibilities

  • With regards to National Office focus and guidance, develop and implement CA strategy for the region in close relationship with Head of CA Affairs, Head of Corporate Communication, and Business Service Director, along with other relevant CCAI business leaders, which may impact business sustainability and corporate reputation.
  • Manage relationships with officials of key government agencies including Governor, Head of Regency/Mayors, including the education of those officials about CCAI business values thereby improving CCAI reputation.
  • Monitor, analyze and present updates on government regulations and public policies for threats and opportunities to CCAI business sustainability and corporate reputation, and communicate this intelligence to local business leaders, Head of CA Affairs, Head of Corporate Communication, and Business Service Director.
  • Support Head of Corporate Communication and Media Communication Manager to undertake media relations activities by providing compilation of valid facts, media listand press contacts.
  • Proactive in manage relationships with regional media.
  • Plan and implement CA strategy to managecorporate relationships with key communities and interest groups including the education of community leaders and industry association leaders about CCAI business values thereby improving CCAI reputation.
  • Enhance company’s reputation by managing execution of CSR program initiatives and ensure all the programs publicized effectively.
  • Supervise and execute IMCR/CRP crisis assessment (including data and information gathering), functional coordination for quick response and implementation, in close coordination with National Office team as well as other relevant CCAI local business leaders, to protect business sustainability and corporate reputation.
  • Identify area for improvement, develop improvement program and monitor the implementation to increase process efficiency, cost effectiveness, or increase productivity.
  • Lead, manage and coach subordinates to improve CA team performance.
  • Develop subordinate capabilities through setting and reviewing performance target, monitor implementation of Individual Development Plan (IDP).
  • Prepare, monitor, control the annual department budget to ensure expenditure is in line with the ABP.


  • bachelor degree in Social Studies, Economics, Public Relations, Corporate Communications or other related major from reputable university
  • 5 years of working experience in Corporate Affairs Manager position or other related roles with leadership exposure.
  • Technical Competencies:
    • Government Relations
    • PR Writing skill
    • Media relations skill
    • Project management skill
    • Presentation Skill
    • Issue Management & IMCR
    • Computer Literacy (powerpoint, excel, etc)

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Solution Delivery Manage

Job Purpose

Responsible for the overall design, data standards, system solutions, and deployment across a specified value chain or business process group. This role will work closely with Functional Leadership Team (Supply Chain Department) to get business buy in, sign off for the end to end process and system solutions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Effective partnership with Business Function Leadership Team on developing business plan and delivering IT facilitation that are aligned with business objectives on timely and cost effective manner.
  • Lead the implementation of approved business application through project management leadership & co-ordination with business functions and related IT personnel.
  • Lead in order to articulate, recognize, conceptualize, analyze business requirements and/or business issues and transform into business system solutions; and manage the development of a business plan that best meet business requirements
  • Continuous support  to approved business application by providing:
  • System documentation (SOP & Training Material) which is in accordance with current business practices and policy.
  • Procedure or process to prevent problems from re-occurring.
  • Actively seek improvement of business applications by recognizing where efficiency of technology can add value.
  • Expressing ideas (plans or solutions) clearly and effectively through both oral and written communication to individuals and groups within CCAI Indonesia or in the organization outside the line of formal authority (such as peers in other units or senior management).
  • Communicate and gauge the effectiveness of delivered solutions with the Management team in all CCAI Operations and measure the implementation process with the end users.
  • Develop team skills and competencies by planning effective development activities related to current and future jobs; providing timely feedback, guidance and training to help them reach their goals.
  • Take responsibility for providing and managing a work environment that is safe and without risk to health by ensuring OHS policy, plans, procedures, induction, training and work instructions are followed. Ensure that hazard management including identification, assessment and control are undertaken.

Job Requirements

  • Min. bachelor degree from a reputable university; prefer majoring in Computer Science, Information Technology,  Computer Sciences or any related disciplines
  • 10 years working experience and at least 8 years experiences leading IT projects
  • Experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company will be an added advantage
  • Technical Competencies
  • Hands-on project management experience with more than 5 cycle process
  • Notable business processes knowledge and experience (min. 2 of following business processes):
    • Supply Chain
    • Logistics
    • Sales & Distribution
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
  • IT systems knowledge
  • Proficiency in SAP Supply Chain
  • Financially sound
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia


  • Leadership:
    • Decision Making
    • Finance Acumen
    • Developing Others
    • Managing Performance
    • Planning & Executing

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  1. Dapat menjalin kerjasama dengan pelanggan
  2. Menjalin kerjasama dengan outlet yang sudah ada dan outlet-outlet yang baru di area JABODETABEK
  3. Minimal Diploma 3 semua jurusan atau lulusan SMA/SMK dengan pengalaman di bidang sales minimal 1 tahun
  4. Memiliki motor dan SIM C
  5. Berkeinginan kuat dan mampu untuk mendorong pertumbuhan penjualan
  6. Kompetensi inti yang dibutuhkan : Orientasi untuk melakukan yang terbaik, berorientasi kepada costumer, memiliki kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik (supel), bisa jualan, problem solving, dan mampu bekerja baik dalam tim.
  7. Kompetensi Leadership yang dibutuhkan: perencanaan dan eksekusi.
  8. Bersedia di tempatkan di Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, dan Bekasi
  9. Area Kerja : Pasar Traditional, Rumah Makan, Kantin sekolah, kantin pabrik, kios, Terminal, Games/ Internet Station, Toko Eceran, Toko grosir, Distributor, Apotik, Tempat Les, dll.

Benefit selain gaji pokok : insentif/bonus + asuransi kesehatan (3x gaji) + uang bensin + perawatan motor

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Sumber Loker : http://coca-colaamatil.co.id


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